Eat Guilt Free With Ox & Octopod

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Let’s dive into one of the best recipe books you’ll ever get your hands on. Dieting and eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring, and these recipes will show you how—no more flavorless, bland meals.

Around here, we eat like royalty in a macro-friendly, cost-efficient way. Save time, money, and get shredded? It sounds like the most incredible trade deal in history to me.

With Eat Guilt Free, Learn How To Make Meals That Have:

  • 17 Gourmet Recipes

  • No Inflammatory Seed Oils

  • No Stabilizers/Preservatives

  • Low/No Sugar

  • Easy To Track Macros

You will have to use NO brain power to make these meals. Simply follow the book, cook your meals, and eat.

All the recipes were tested and vetted to fit your fitness goals. The macros are broken down per serving, as as a competitive bodybuilder, I can eat these meals all the way into a show. This gives me an edge because I have no urge to cheat on my diet, my meals are delicious. - BowTiedOX

  • 17 Gourmet Recipes + Easy To Track Macros

  • Size
    19.1 MB
  • Length
    42 pages
  • 17 Gourmet Recipes + Easy To Track Macros
  • Size19.1 MB
  • Length42 pages


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Eat Guilt Free With Ox & Octopod

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